About Us

Our ancestors are the foundation of a legacy of education that spans generations.

Generations On The Move is dedicated to strengthening the individual, the family, and the community through scholarships and family programs.



Generations on the Move is a non-profit organization founded by a first-generation Mexican-American family for the primary purpose of assisting other families in achieving the “American Dream.” While the origins of the family are deep-rooted in central Mexico, the family and their descendants have lived in this country for a century.

Although the family history is filled with challenges, sacrifices, struggles, and incredible barriers, it has become a family of firsts.

Indeed, this family has had many firsts in its history:

  • The first Mexican-American Community College president in California
  • The first Mexican-American to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • The first Director of the Office of Mexican-American Affairs in California and in the United States
  • Numerous educators, school administrators, school district superintendents, college professors, and educational researchers
  • Physical, human services, and mental health professionals
  • Union organizers and community activists
  • Business people and industrialists
  • 10 recipients of outstanding alumnus awards at universities
  • Authors
Generations on the Move team awards scholarships at Barrio Logan College Institute


Since 2011, Generations on the Move has awarded over 70 scholarships to limited-income high school students in San Diego and Los Angeles counties, who continue to attend universities and community colleges.

GOTM has also provided resources such as food, clothing & monetary help to over 100 economically challenged families in San Diego and Los Angeles counties.

During the year, we continue to support these families if the need still exists. We are able to continue and expand our support through the generosity of our donors.